PATRICIA- Head Gardener


I've been doing this gardening thing for such a long time. People who know me wouldn't recognize me with clean fingernails! I absolutely love what I do and hope to share that enthusiasm with as many people as possible.


I started out as a reluctant gardener, forced into slave labor by my mother. No child ever complained of being bored in her presence or they were likely to have a very long list of yard chores to keep them occupied for the rest of the day. I started with weeding, a big task to teach someone who can't tell the difference between a good plant and a bad one. She then turned me on to vegetable gardening and growing annual flowers from seed. I was hooked! 


During my high school years, Mother and I took the Master Gardeners course together. I was pretty sure that was lame, but again forced into it by my mother, I'm so very glad for that foundation of knowledge today so many years later. We did a lot of volunteer hours at local churches and charities, even over college breaks for the next several years.

I went on to get formal training in architectural design and landscape design at Arizona State University, as well as undergraduate studies at the Kanas City Art Institute.


I have worked for celebrity clientelle, regular folks, and even Boy Scout troops. A few years ago I adopted a local elementary school garden and have drafted many people into action working in that garden- several hundred hours worth, keeping this garden on the edge of decency for some while now.


I look forward to most gardening tasks and can't wait to start on yours!

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