How to order: 

Any questions about an order, please send via email:

All information on the form is required to place an order. Please fill out the form  

All orders will be checked for availability usually on Fridays. You will receive a phone call to verify what you will be receiving, and date and time of delivery. At this time your credit card will be charged for your order to complete and confirm your order.

Delivery fee is is waived for orders over $250. 

Delivery fee is $10 for orders up to $249.

First time orders are FREE delivery.

We deliver to most of Oakland County, Michigan. If your aren't sure, or even live near Oakland County, feel free to submit the order and we will get in touch to determine if a delivery is possible. Sometimes we might offer to meet you in a convenient location if you live too far from our delivery area.

All sales are final once an order is confirmed.

Orders are filled with approximately one week turn around depending on the day you place the order. At present time we do one weekly pickup of plants and one delivery day per week, depending on weather, so day can change due to this. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE HOME to receive your order, it can be left in a pre-arranged location.

If you have questions about plants, or their suitability to your garden, feel free to email and we will get back to you either via email, or telephone.

Please include all information on the order form. If we don't have all the pertinent information, we can't get in touch with you!

All plants are GUARANTEED HEALTHY AT TIME OF DELIERY. NO FURTHER WARRANTY IS EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If we provided a warranty, the prices would need to be much higher. You are getting a good product at a great price. Plants are living things and need YOU to take good care of them.

Any questions about care, feel free to email, or leave a voice mail for call back when we are available to talk. Please be aware that we are very busy working

in gardens making them beautiful for others and can't always talk to you, so be patient.

There is also a lot of general plant care information on this site, feel free to browse and read.

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Availability of inventory will fluctuate throughout the season.


LIGHT:                                                                        WATER:                                                

fs = full sun                                                                 m = moderate water                              ps = part sun                                                              w = wet/damp soil                                sh = shade                                                                 d = dry soil                                            fs-ps = between full and part sun                               md = between moderate to dry soil     

                                                                                   mw = between moderate to wet soil             


P = perennial

V = vine

GC = ground cover

S = shrub

T = tree

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