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Yellow Wild Flowers


Beautiful plants delivered to your door

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Each month you will receive FOUR professional quality perennials delivered to your door, hand selected for you from the very best plants available. These plants will return year after year with proper care adding beauty and value to your landscape.

Simply by adding plants to your garden throughout the growing season, this will ensure something is always blooming and looking great. 


Another benefit is that you will save money by subscribing to the program. Special pricing is given to subscribers, and in addition to that, if you pay in full for the entire program you get an additional 10% off. If you join and later decide to cancel, that's fine too, but you will be responsible for the full retail price of any plants already received, special pricing and pre-payment discount is just for subscribers that participate in all seven deliveries.

The subscription allows you to try plants you may not have considered, or even heard of before. This is a great way to sample what's out there and will help set you apart from all of your neighbors.

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Purchase a new garden installation over $4000 and get free club membership. That's 28 FREE plants to make your new garden even better! ^

*delivery is free within Oakland County Michigan only. Additional cost outside of Oakland County, or customer may pre-arrange to pick up plants in Oak Park, MI.

^Sales tax not included in price of plants.