Viburnum Dentatum (Arrowwood Viburnum) 'blue muffin' is one of those plants you absolutely have to have in your landscape, especially if you want to attract birds, bees and other pollinators! No space for a tree in your garden? This fits the bill of a medium to large shrub. It is native to eastern North America. The Blue Muffin Viburnum has 5 seasons of interest too! From the emergence of the deep green, glossy leaves, the flat topped white flowers that resemble powder puffs, to the gorgeous bright, blue berries and then fabulous fall foliage of burgundy and orange! Of course the 5th season is the upright branching that shows off the structure of the shrub. 5 gal

Arrowwood Viburnum- 'blue muffin'

  • Full sun to part shade