Geranium macrorrhyzum (Bigroot Geranium) 'bevan's variety' (sometimes referred to as scented geranium) are superb, easy-care perennials that grow practically anywhere. Plants form a spreading mound of large, fragrant green leaves, bearing deep magenta-pink flowers in early summer. A great choice for massing as a groundcover, or edging the border. Clumps are easily divided in early spring or fall. Drought and heat tolerant. Will even tolerate dry shade, with the occasional summer watering. This plant is so unbelievably fussy you literally can not fail with this thing. Even when not in bloom the leaves are pretty. She earns her place in many of our projects, what's not to love? 1.5 gal

Big Root Geranium- 'bevan's variety'

  • Full sun to Full shade- WOW!