Dicentra Spectabolis (Bleeding Heart) 'cupid' will make you fall in love – featuring plump and pillowy heart-shaped flowers in the dreamiest pale pink, nodding on arching stems, this little cherub is worthy of a place in any gardener’s heart. More compact in height than other Dicentra varieties, the deeply divided, ferny foliage will create a neat little mound that will look cute in containers, or equally adorable at the front of your borders and beds. Like all Dicentras, 'Cupid' favors a lightly shaded spot, or dappled sunshine. Pop it in the right spot, with a reasonably rich, and moist but well-drained soil – and this herbaceous perennial will return year upon year for a luscious late-spring display. The delicate beauty of these flowers will bring the perfect finishing touch to late-spring bouquets, so if you grow cut flowers then you’ll definitely want to find space in your flower patch for this little looker, too.  Dicentra Spectabilis has recently changed names to Lamprocapnos Spectabilis- but we just can't get used to that! BEWARE this one is poisonous if eaten, so don't plant if your dog eats things or young curious children might. 1.5 gal

Bleeding Heart- 'cupid'

  • Part sun/shade