Buxus (Boxwood) 'winter gem' is the go-to boxwood for colder areas of the country. Much more hardy than other boxwoods, it will stay fresh and green all winter, even with temperatures falling to minus 20. If you want boxwood hedges, balls and other clipped shapes, or just want a naturally-dense and rounded evergreen shrub, this reliable plant will give you what you want. This plant that is very hardy, normally pest and disease free, and not typically eaten by deer. It will naturally grow 3 to 5 feet tall, with a broad, rounded shape, or with clipping it makes a beautiful hedge anything from one foot to 4 feet tall. It also clips easily into balls or pyramids, or into any geometric shape. The leaf texture is a little more course than other varieties. 3 gal

Boxwood- 'winter gem'

  • Full sun to part shade