Stylophorum diphyllum (Celandine Poppy) Also known as Wood Poppy, this attractive woodland plant will grow well with little to no care in rich woodland soils. It can tolerate drier, sunnier sites with some care. Imagine these bright yellow poppies next to some blue Jacob's Ladder or Mertensia, pinkish Trout Lily or white Trillium in a spring, woodland garden!  A welcome, well-deserved sight in April after a long winter. After seeds drop out of its large, hairy pods, Celandine Poppy will go dormant.  Seedlings will readily emerge everywhere if fresh seed is scattered on the soil surface. Ants typically aid in seed dispersal. Note of interest, the plant has bright orange sap when broken leaf or stem. Self sows readily. 1 gal


Celandine Poppy

  • Part sun is best, but will tolerate more sun with additional water