Syringa Vulgaris (Common Lilac) 'ludwig spaeth' is a deciduous shrub that will fill your landscape with large, stunning blooms. The flowers of 'Ludwig Spaeth' are bundles of intense color lilac deep purple. The extremely fragrant flowers bloom on large, dense panicles from late spring to early summer. These incredible blooms are contrasted against heart shaped, medium green foliage. Lilacs prefer a neutral soil, with peat or leaf mold enrichment. Buds are produced shortly after the plant blooms, so if pruning is necessary, it is best to do so within a couple of week after blooming ends. Lilac works great as a shrub border in the landscape however, wherever you plant it it will delight with color, fragrance, and style. Best blooming occurs by removing 1/3 of the oldest growth all the way to the ground each year. This keeps the size in check and flowers down lower where we can better see them. 5 gal

Common Lilac- 'ludwig spaeth'

  • Full sun to part sun