Echinacea Purpurea (Coneflower) 'pow wow white' Plants form a midsized mound of coarse dark-green leaves, bearing large daisy flowers with creamy white petals surrounding an orange-brown central cone by midsummer. Beautiful companion to E. purpurea ‘pow wow berry’. Coneflowers are sturdy and easy-care perennials that perform best in a sunny location. Flowers are very attractive to butterflies. Outstanding for cutting. Removing faded flowers regularly will greatly increase the blooming period. Leaving dried seed heads on the plants at the end of the season will provide food for wintering birds and add interest to the winter garden. They're also useful in dried arrangements. Plants may be easily divided in early spring. Any seedlings that appear can also be moved at that time. 1 gal

Coneflower- 'pow wow white'

  • Full sun to mostly sun