Baptisia (False Indigo) 'american goldfinch' Great for the soil, for the beneficial pollinators and for your gardens aesthetics… Goldfinch Baptisia is all around a winning perennial. Its gathers nitrogen (the N of the N-P-K fertilizer formula) around the roots, enriching the soil it's planted in without the help of nitrogen fertilizer. This cultivar can thrive in nearly any soil type, too. It'll produce long, slender stems of sunny blooms, about the size of a pea, that dip and dance in a breeze. Butterflies love the blooms, and between its lovely baptisia form and this pollinator-friendly function, Goldfinch brings a charming, wild spirit to the garden. Feature it as vertical interest in a border, in long drifts along slopes or in the cutting garden for extra cheer in your fresh and dried bouquets. An easy-care native variety that deer tend not to eat. Leave plenty of room for this plant as it grows into a sizeable shrub that dies fully to the ground each winter. Cut back hard in fall or early spring before new growth appears. 2 gal

False Indigo- 'american goldfinch'

  • Full sun to part sun