Heliopsis Helianthoides (False Sunflower) 'tuscan sun' is a beautiful and carefree native cultivar offers a more compact habit and good disease resistance compared to other varieties of Heliopsis. Bright golden yellow, daisy-like flowers with an orange-gold button center are produced on strong stems with exceptionally long bloom time. It provides a brilliant beacon of color in the landscape during the hottest months of summer. Be sure to plant a few extra for your fresh bouquets! Heliopsis have traditionally been an excellent tall perennial for the middle or back of the flower border. It has a bushy, well-branched form and glossy, deep green, triangular leaves – a real workhorse in the garden! Use this plant in combination containers, as a cut flower, or to attract butterflies to your garden. 1.5 gal

False Sunflower- 'tuscan sun'

  • Full sun