Pennisetum Alopecuroides- (Fountain Grass) 'red head' is one of the most popular grasses. This selection forms a large mound of arching green leaves. Soft smoky-pink coloured bottlebrush flower spikes appear in mid to late summer, turning almost black, then buff-colored as they dry. This is one of the earliest flowering fountain grasses. Very effective when mass planted, but also useful as a specimen accent in the garden or in containers. Flowers are excellent for cutting, fresh or dried. Plants usually remain attractive well into the winter, the leaves turning shades of gold to orange then finally pale tan. Old foliage should be cut to the ground in early spring. Drought tolerant once established. This one does self seed quite a bit, so keep it regularly weeded around the perimeter to prevent unwanted spreading. 2 gal

Fountain Grass- 'red head'

  • Full sun to part shade