Polygonatum Commutatum- (Giant Solomon's Seal) The graceful, arching stems of Solomon’s Seal add an exotic touch to the shade garden and are often described as being architectural. This species tall stems of dangling white bell flowers in late spring, followed by a crop of blue-black berries in the fall. Excellent for cutting. Beautiful in the woodland garden, combining well with ferns and Hosta of all kinds. Plants are a little slow to establish, but clumps are long-lived and carefree. May be divided in early fall, once clumps are large enough. Usually turns bright golden-yellow in October. CAUTION: Fruit and seeds thought to be poisonous. Roots and young shoots can be eaten in early spring. Shoots taste like aparagus. All other parts should not be eaten. 1 gal

Giant Solomon's Seal

  • Part sun to full shade