Astrantia Major (Great Masterwort) 'abbey road' is highly regarded by floral designers for the unique umbels of starry flowers, a bit like a refined Queen-Anne’s-Lace in effect, but not at all weedy in habit. 'Abbey road' is magenta red with cream and darker tips of the petals. Verty pretty and delicate looking flowers. The leaves are deeply lobed and angular, attractive even when not in bloom. Excellent filler plant for a moist area in sun or part shade. Also nice in mixed containers. Flowers may be cut fresh, or dried for winter arrangements. Easily divided in early spring. Remove faded flowers to encourage more buds, also to prevent plants from self seeding. 1 gal

Great Masterwort- 'abbey road'

  • Full sun to part shade- needs extra water if in full sun though.