Ratibida Pinnata 'Greyhead Coneflower' is native to dry prairies and savannas of North America. It has stiff and rough-feeling coarse leaves, and showy yellow flowers which have droopy soft yellow rays. The cone-like green centers eventually change to a dark purple or brown. Many insects are attracted to this plant such as butterflies and bees.  It grows and transplants very easily, is drought-tolerant, and makes an excellent cut flower. Yellow Coneflower grows best in full sun to partial shade, and medium to dry-medium soil conditions. It blooms approximately from July to September.  There are many good native companions for Ratibida pinnata blooming at the same time such as Wild Bergamot, Anise Hyssop, and many of the prairie grasses. Other common names are Drooping Coneflower, Pinnate Prairie Coneflower, Weary Susan, Grayhead Coneflower and Grey-headed Coneflower.

Greyhead Coneflower

  • Full sun