Juniperis 'grey owl' Grey Owl Juniper is a needled evergreen. Plant one as a shrub border along your home where its colorful foliage and cones will provide year-round appeal. Your Grey Owl Juniper is at once both elegant and refined. The gently ascending branches rise up then slightly dip, creating a soft, restful feel amid other plantings. Silver-tinted, green needles lend the foliage an airy, bluish-hue that appears far more sophisticated than other common evergreens. The female Grey Owl Juniper is known for the copious blue cones it produces in summer that persist into winter. The berry-like cones will be an attraction for your wildlife, especially the birds who come to nest in the dense foliage. The tips of the branches will transition to purple for the winter months. Grey Owl Juniper has an attractive, spreading habit with a slight vase shape. Grey Owl performs best in full sun, but is tolerant of a variety of conditions, and is considered a long-lived shrub. Overall, Grey Owl is relatively trouble free and a low-maintenance shrub. 3 gal

Juniper- 'grey owl'

  • Full sun to part sun