Juniperis 'hetz columnaris' he Green Columnar Juniper is a super-tough and vigorous evergreen, perfect for difficult spots, poor, rocky soil, heat and drought. It has a strong pyramidal upright form, growing to 15 feet or more in a short time. The foliage is a rich dark-green that doesn’t burn in sun or cold. This tree is the perfect choice for easy-care accents, screening, and softening unsightly walls. Use it as avenues and formal pairs to bring a quality look to your landscape. It can be clipped or left to grow naturally, and it makes a great narrow hedge where you need height in a limited space. It is also perfect for containers and boxes, and it can be clipped and trained into spirals and other upright topiary shapes. This is the perfect choice for low maintenance and trouble-free planting. 4-5 feet tall

Juniper- 'hetz columnaris'

  • Full sun to part sun