Helleborus (Lenten Rose) 'ice n roses red' is a remarkable Lenten Rose That speaks for itself! Boasting more blooms than most other Hellebore cultivars, Ice 'n Roses® Red is a fine addition to the shade border. Its large, boldly colored rosy-red blooms carry the garden beautifully from winter to spring -- and also make excellent cutflowers for the vase.

This evergreen perennial is a very hardy plant once established. It stands up to the heat, humidity, and drought of summer, the cold of winter, and poor soil at any time. Diseases and pests are no problem, and Ice 'n Roses® Red slowly spreads over time, bringing you more flowering stems each season.

Just 12 inches high and about 12 to 15 inches wide, this Lenten Rose sports serrated dark green foliage and good branching as well as masses of elegant nodding blooms. Very long-lived, it is a fine addition to any setting, blooming at a time when the rest of the garden is still fast asleep.1 gal

Lenten Rose- 'ice n roses red'

  • Part shade to full shade