Helleborus (Lenten Rose) 'pink frost' Burgundy buds open to out-facing, saucer-shaped blossoms of palest pink that mature to deep rose, creating patterns of color above lustrous, silver-veined foliage. Dark red stems enhance the overall effect. These aristocrats of the woodland garden are native to Europe and western Asia. Helleborus bloom in late winter or early spring where the soil freezes hard, which makes them either the last or the first flowers in the garden. They require a moist but well-drained site under the shade of trees. Take care to amend the soil with plenty of organic matter, such as well-aged leaf mold and compost. You'll be rewarded with long-lived, deer- and vole-resistant plants that will spread nicely on their own. 1 gal

Lenten Rose 'pink frost'

  • Part shade to full shade