Physocarpus Opufolius (Ninebark) 'dart's gold' The Ninebark 'Dart's Gold', has golden spring foliage, which turns lime green in the summer. It matures to 4'-5' with an equal spread.This fine shrub is also notable for its wide arching branches tipped with pink-dusted white flowers. For best results, place in full sun to light shade. It will need at least 6 hours of sun to perform.This Ninebark has golden leaves, white flowers, red fruit, papery bark, and is attractive in winter. Use this plant in the landscape as a border or background for perennial or annual flower beds or in foundation plantings of larger buildings.The Dart’s Gold is a fast grower and new shoots can be cut and used in floral arrangements.As with most ninebarks, it has attractive exfoliating bark and attractive fruit for 4 season interest. Dart's Gold is a very adaptable deciduous shrub. It will tolerate dry conditions and will grow in full sun. 'dart's gold' is a cultivar of a native north american shrub. 5 gal

Ninebark- 'darts gold'

  • Full/mostly sunny