Physocarpus Opufolius (Ninebark) 'summer wine' has the darkest, most dramatic bronze-burgundy foliage yet. With its rich, saturated color and versatile habit, it's the ideal choice for accentuating your home's exterior. Spring brings small white flower clusters to contrast with the nearly-black foliage. Upright stems and small foliage gives a fine textural effect. When sunlight hits the leaves they almost glow red. This is a stunning plant that is gorgeous in front of a grey, tan or white house- don't plant it in front of red brick or you will loose the impact. Looks fantastic next to green leafed or needled shrubs, and even sports pretty curling bark in winter. Shrub can be grown to a loose natural form, or clipped back for a neater more heavily branched appearance. Very versatile shrub. 5 gal


Ninebark- 'summer wine'

  • Full sun only- tends to get mildew if grown in shade or part shade and won't have great color either.