Physocarpus Opufolius (Ninebark) 'tiny wine' is a truly stunning plant. The foliage is a unique purple-maroon. The blooms are a pale pink and white. The pairing makes for a gorgeous display. It has an adorable compact growth habit and is a very hardy plant. The bloom season begins in the spring and lasts through early summer and will sometimes re-bloom sporadically. Reddish berries follow flowers and are a favorite to many birds. This deciduous plant has a height of three to five feet tall and a spread of three to four feet. This North American Native plant can be used as a border plant, as a thriller in containers, or as a gorgeous focal point for any landscape. Be sure to use its cut flowers in your next arrangement for an abundance of compliments! 3 gal

Ninebark- 'tiny wine'

  • Full/mostly sunny