Hydrangea Paniculata (Panicle Hydrangea) 'limelight' is one of the most popular shrubs that grow all across the United States. This bush has very large flowers that are held upright by strong stems. The flowers will start off lime green color, which is a perfect accent for hot summer days. As the blooms age, they turn to hues of cream, pink, red and burgundy. The fall color is just beautiful as these cone-shaped flowers last longer than most any other plant in the garden.The panicle flower heads can grow up to 12 inches long. These are perfect for cut flower arrangements, either fresh or dried. Can be grown as hedges, in mass landscape plantings, as a single specimen, and in large garden planters. The foliage of this shrub is dark green, which provides a great complement to the blooms. The leaves are coarse to the touch compared to other paniculatas. This plant is deciduous, which means it loses its leaves in the winter. Harsh weather conditions are no match for this prolific bloomer.  No matter where this shrub is grown, it has a bloom time from early summer through late fall. 3 gal

Panicle Hydrangea- 'limelight'

  • Full sun to part shade