Hydrangea Paniculata (Panicle Hydrangea) 'quick fire' is one of the first hydrangeas to bloom in early summer, typically blooming a month before any other hydrangea shrubs. The panicle flowers start white then turn pink and eventually dark pink in the fall. The bush flowers on new wood, so it is reliable to bloom even after very harsh winters. This bush grows to be up to 8 feet tall. There is a smaller version of this shrub, named Little Quick Fire Hydrangea. One other remarkable trait of this plant, is that the leaves turn burgundy late in the season, for a pretty fall foliage color. The lacecap looking flowers are also a favorite for pollinators, including bees, butterflies, wasps, ants, and other insects. This shrub has the longest blooming season out of any other hydrangeas, giving beneficial insects that much more time to enjoy as well. Since the plant blooms on new wood, you do not have to worry about cutting off the flower buds, but should do any pruning in winter or early spring before new growth appears. If the blooms do not turn pink later in the year, this is a good indicator that the plant is not getting enough sunlight, or it has experienced too much drought stress. Fertilize this plant in early spring before new growth starts to emerge. Use slow release fertilizer designed for woody plants such as HollyTone or RoseTone. 1.5 gal

Panicle Hydrangea- 'quick fire'

  • Full sun to Part shade