Hibiscus Syriacus (Rose of Sharon) 'blue chiffon' -Rich blue summer flowers. The Chiffon® series of rose of Sharon is distinguished by its elegant habit, floriferous nature, and anemone-like double blooms. Blue Chiffon® rose of Sharon brings an always-popular true blue to the line. Low seed set and long blooming. This is an upright woody shrub that is a late spring plant that gets going much later than everything else. Just when you think it must be dead, these plants spring to life and in fairly short order start spewing out oodles of gorgeous blue flowers. Dried pods are interesting left on the plant for winter, and rarely set seed unlike a lot of the older cultivars. So if you've sworn off Rose of Sharon in the past because of all the heavy seed problems, this one might convince you to try again. 1.5 gal

Rose Of Sharon 'blue chiffon' STERILE

  • full sun