Stokesia laevis (Stoke's Aster) 'divinity has large frilly white flowers with a hint of yellow in their centers and then fade to long lasting pure white 3-4" wide flowers that sit atop a mound of rich green foliage. Divinity was selected not only for its white flowers but also for the fact that it flowers over a long period. Highly recommended and it's easy to see why-  moderate drought resistance, few pest or disease problems, deer and rabbit resistance. Plants readily multiply into dense clumps. Super easy and tough! Their only downfall is wet soggy winter soils which could cause rot. Otherwise these are great garden performers that will bring their owners many years of enjoyment with almost no maintenance required. Attracts butterflies and a host of other pollinators.  1.5 gal

Stoke's Aster- 'divinity'

  • Full sun to part sun