Liriope Muscari (Turf Lily, or Monkey Grass) 'big blue' is a fantastic groundcover plants, valued for their versatility. Plants form a low clump of grass-like foliage, bearing spikes of tiny lily flowers in summer. This selection has dark-green leaves and deep-blue flower spikes. Evergreen, even in the cold Michigan winter. If plants look shabby in spring, trim the leafs back with sharp scissors, or lawn mower. Easily divided in spring. This is an excellent choice for edging beds, in rock gardens, or in mixed containers. Very tolerant of summer heat and humidity. This is a tough plant, and we found even our dog sleeping on it doesn't bother it one bit and apparently Liriope makes a soft place to nap.  1 gal

Turf Lily AKA Monkey Grass- 'big blue'

  • Full sun to part shade