Community Garden


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We offer full design work for both homes and commercial clients including drawings, 3-D imaging, virtual garden visualization, soil analysis, plant and material sourcing. This is ideal for the reluctant DIYer who doesn't know where to begin. We can work with a landscape professional of your choosing as well. 


Hang out in your pajamas and look over our extensive list of perennials, shrubs, and trees, then choose one, or 100. In a few short days those plants will be on your doorstep ready to live in your garden. We sell professional grade plants, which are typically larger than what is sold in most retail nurseries.

Community Garden

Do you feeling overwhelmed and need a plan? Confused about how to start your garden or make your existing garden better? Our on-site garden coaching is like a private class with your own personal instructor, designed to help you succeed

Plants in Greenhouse

The best way to get constant color in your landscape is adding plants throughout the growing season. We deliver 4 amazing plants to your door each month, a total of 28 plants, so you will always have something bursting into bloom and looking amazing. 

Community Gardening

We offer periodic hands-on learning opportunities throughout the year for gardeners of all skills and all ages.