B.U.G. Full-service gardening: Anything to get your garden project off the ground from garden design work, sourcing plants and installing them, to maintenance of existing gardens or gardens we created for you. Sometimes we are asked to remove older gardens due for a full refresh, other jobs call for adding to existing gardens. Possibilities are wide open here.


Home Vegetable Garden: This is the easiest way to enjoy home grown organic vegetables, herbs and fruit right in your own back yard. We set up a beautiful raised bed with your choice of plants, and we can even maintain it for you and all you need to do is eat it! Call for a consultation and current price quote.

Curb Appeal Analysis: We work with home sellers and Realtors to help get a home ready for the market by developing a plan to give your home the best possible chance of selling quickly and for top dollar. Curb appeal is critical to get people out of their cars (or off the internet) and inside the home. This can be a DIY or full-service project. For new homeowners, we can come out and help identify what you already have in the landscape and how to care for it, or make suggestions on how to improve your new garden.

Garden Mentoring: We work with folks who want to learn, and teach skills needed for individual objectives. We can help you figure out what to plant or help you bring your dreams to reality.


Mobile Home Delivery Nursery: We have a HUGE selection of perennials, shrubs and trees available. Orders are delivered in a one week or less turn around from order placement to arriving at your door ready to plant in your landscape or garden. This is a zero contact COVID-19 compliant program designed to provide top quality plants in professional sizes without you having to leave your home. We sell plants intended for professional designers and landscape companies, not small plants sold in retail garden centers.



In response to the need for home gardeners to acquire plants without leaving the comfort of their homes, we will select the best plants available and deliver them right to your door. This is a new service this year we are very excited to offer. So hang out in your pajamas and look over our extensive list of perennials, shrubs, and trees, then choose one, or 100. In a few short days those plants will be on your doorstep ready to live in your garden. 

While we can certainly plant them for you as well, this is a service mainly for do-it-yourself type gardeners who want the convenience of delivery and the fun of planting it themselves. 



We maintain your gardens for you so they always look their absolute best. This included planting and maintaining perennials, annuals, porch pots, shrub pruning, small tree maintenance, and even vegetable and herb gardens. The possibilities are up to you and your needs. 

Our head gardener, Patricia, has been gardening since early childhood and has experience in all types of gardens. She started out doing flowers and vegetables in her mother's garden and even became a Master Gardener in high school.


Fast forward more years that we care to admit, Patricia has earned advanced degrees in landscape and design, and has many years of professional work experience in the green industry. Patricia and her staff can whip your garden into shape. Just give us a call and you won't regret it.


​Starting over with a whole new landscape can be a daunting task. It's always best to have a cohesive plan in place before starting any major changes to a home or business landscape to avoid wasting a lot of time and money on plants that don't work in your garden or perform well together. 

We offer full design work for both homes and commercial clients including drawings, site preparation, soil analysis, plant and material sourcing, and installation of new materials. We can even maintain it for you so it continues to look amazing. 




One of our favorite things is to teach you how to garden. Nobody actually has a "black thumb" or "green thumb" by nature, merely they just need more knowledge and a desire to succeed!


We can teach you what you need to know and associated skills to make you successful in your own gardens. For some people this involves going back to the very basics and for others just learning some new tricks to further their abilities.


Mentoring is scheduled in hourly increments dependent upon the task(s) at hand and your beginning skill and knowlege level.

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